Jun 13, 2009

The 18-month milestone

Gavin recently reached the ripe old age of 18 months. For us, this is a significant milestone because he is now old enough to attend the nursery class at church! But more than that, we want to celebrate the sweet, fun, smart, and active boy that recently gave up his throne as baby of the household.

Physical stats:
We'll find out Tuesday at his check-up, but we suspect Gavin is pushing 30 pounds. His chubby cheeks, double chin, and round belly make us smile. He is one sturdy kid! He wears a size 6 1/2 shoe and size 18-24 months clothing. Gavin's bright blue eyes and platinum blonde hair generate comments wherever we go ("Is he really yours?").

Gavin is extremely coordinated. He can climb, scale, and mount anything, including bar stools, the counter, the piano, bookshelves, and play structures. He has excellent balance. He catches air when he jumps. He can open doors (safety covers and all), outsmart child latches and locks, unscrew lids (even the toothpaste tube), uncap markers and pens. He almost always runs instead of walks.

Personality traits:
Gavin is a very happy boy. He is sweet and affectionate. His tender side became especially prominent when Lexi joined the family. He needs extra hugs and kisses, but he doles them out as well. I really love Gavin's hugs. He wraps both arms around my neck (or leg) and
squeezes! Hugs are often accompanied by contended sighs. He kisses by pressing his cheek up against another person's cheek.

Gavin can be fiesty, too, and has a shrill scream that threatens to shatter glass (thank Tyler for teaching him that one!). The scream usually comes out when he wants something he can't have -- like snacks at all hours of the day. When he is feeling neglected, he hits. However, he is obviously penitent after doing something wrong. He cries, "Mommy, Mommy" in such a way that it almost sounds like "Sorry! Sorry!"

After Lexi came along, Gavin's separation anxiety ramped up. Being "exiled" in the church nursery class resulted in almost two hours of screaming on his first day. Bummer! We praise his patient teacher for waiting out the drama with him. After a couple weeks of jealousy, Gavin has developed a soft spot for his little sister. He loves to fetch things for her, especially her binky.

Funny things
Gavin continues his obsession with Russell the bear, his near-constant companion.
He also loves to buckle things, especially the straps on his kitchen booster, the stroller, and his car seat. He has to buckle these after getting out of them!

Gavin loves wearing other people's shoes, and also making people wear their own shoes if he finds some lying around. He loves my sunglasses. He loves all things silky, and has been known to wear my slip like a necklace for hours at a time. In general he is just a cuddle bug -- blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and beds are his favorite things.

We love to play peek-a-boo with Gavin. When we ask him where something is (including his face during this game), he cocks his head to one side and says "Hm?" with a sliding pitch. Sometimes he throws his hands up, too. It is hilarious.

We love our little Gavin. What a fun member of the family!
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