Jun 13, 2009

It's always fun when Grandma comes

Garry's mom, known as Grandma (or "Gaga") to our kids, spent the week at our house after our other family members went home. She was delightful company and led the boys on many adventures.

One such adventure was the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. We all learned about mining and machinery and rocks and minerals. The boys completed treasure hunts for objects and information around the museum, panned for gold, and dressed up in mining gear. Gavin participated where he could, and Lexi was quite literally along for the ride (all cozy in her wrap). My favorite part was exploring the grounds around the museum, where we saw giant machines and mills and played in the tall grass and trees. The boys toured an under-construction haunted house and met some donkeys, too. I plotted to have our next family pictures taken by a rustic barn. {Click pictures to enlarge.}

On another day, Becky took Zachary and Tyler swimming at the local rec center. What fun they had! Zach told me about surfing in the wave pool and going down the slide. Tyler just told me about going down the slide once, getting in trouble for being too short, and not going down the slide again. I'm sure other fun was had.

Certain things weren't pictured, like attending t-ball games, going out to dinner (while Garry and I enjoyed an anniversary date), a very lengthy visit to the library, long bedtime stories, pancake and waffle breakfasts (which I rarely provide), and special treats. Grandma really outdid herself in providing entertainment for her grandsons!

On her last day in Colorado, Garry, Gavin, and Zachary took Grandma to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I stayed home with Lexi and Tyler because Tyler was puking. With Garry as photographer, there are more pictures of Grandma in action! I was especially amused by the crazy poses, and the token skunk photo in my honor. (I'm sure you've all heard my ridiculous skunk story...)

After their fun museum visit, the boys dropped Grandma at the airport. It was sad to see her go! We all look forward to Grandma's return this fall when Zachary is baptized.

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