Jun 9, 2009

First game of the season

Tyler kicked off the t-ball season in style last night. Decked out in his Astros uniform, Ty was super excited to embark on this little adventure. He's been watching his brother from the sidelines for too long!

Watching four- and five-year-olds scramble around the field, crouch in "ready position," and haphazardly run the bases was a delightful experience. Garry captured some great moments on camera. Granny and Gramps kept Gavin entertained. Holly provided snacks. Lexi slumbered in the wrap. I thoroughly enjoyed the Pike's Peak view and cool weather (even if it was too cold for my desert-dwelling company).

It's a good thing I enjoyed myself so much last night. Our family will be living and breathing t-ball for the next month. Four nights of every week will be spent singing, "Take me out to the ball game!"
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