Jun 10, 2009

Speaking Your Language

Pardon me dear Bulletin readers while I hijack this blog for one short post. Fear not, your regularly scheduled (and ever-so-witty/entertaining) blog author will resume her duties shortly.

Sweetheart, this post is just for you. In celebration of the first 11 years of our eternal companionship, I want to offer you all of my


(and tears)

along with a several gallons of paint from these guys

in shades from this family (I believe this is the general color family you have in mind, but the choice is yours)

to finish painting the upstairs kitchen/living room/dining room complex. Not that I didn't know already, but I hope this speaks your love language loud and clear. Know that I love you more than all the painting in the world can say, but let me say this anyway. Happy Anniversary!


g — your "knight in dirty car"
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