Jun 23, 2009

Making it work

Lexi is five weeks old, and I have to say --
I thought my pants would fit better by now.

I also thought we'd have some semblance of order around here,
instead of perpetual randomnicity.

I also thought my ride on the hormonal roller coaster would be over.

Looks like I'm 0 for 3.

Since it's clear that my expectations were a bit optimistic,
and since I have four pairs of too-small-capris that would be nice to wear,
and since exercise makes me happy,
and since the morning weather is lovely,
and since my sister is an inspiration,
and since I have a double jogging stroller,
and since I don't really have anything better to do,

yesterday I inaugurated an exercise routine.

It is a group effort
(read the details here).

I've decided I have to throw out my notion that good exercise must be
a solitary effort or completed in the company of adult friends.
Or happen at a continuous fast pace.
Or be measured in miles or minutes.

While I have some fabulous memories associated with those elements of exercise,
and while I dearly miss the social aspects of walking or running with friends
(oh, how I long for you, Beaverton friends!),
my life can't handle any of that stuff right now.

But who's to say that the kids and I won't make some fun memories
-- and get great exercise --
while traversing the path together?

This morning, for instance, I laughed out loud at our little procession.
(We certainly garnered a few curious stares from passersby.)
Tyler, with his cracked helmet, scooter-sans-brake,
and socks pulled up practically to his knees,
weaved on and off the walking path like a drunken beetle.
Zachary bent over his rattletrap scooter,
intent onbreaking the land speed record.
Gavin pointed out dogs and cars and adjusted the sunshade every two minutes.
Lexi, bless her pink heart, slept.
And I attempted to jog, which, by itself, was a sight to see.

So once again, I'm feeling motivated.
Once again, I'm publicly declaring that I'm on the warpath against my waistline.
Once again, far more than fashion is at stake
-- my mental health is quite possibly on the line --
and exercise is very good therapy for me.

Last night I read a most excellent BYU devotional called
"Selective Attitudes and the Happy Life."
Check it out. It's worth a read.

It helped me realize that I need to make the most of what I've got.
I can choose to be happy in spite of {blank}.
And I can exercise with my children.

The end.
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