Apr 29, 2008

Two little [Colorado] things

Earlier today I was feeling very overwhelmed. My email program has a task list that runs down the right side of the screen. Normally I have two or three things on the list when I'm certain I won't remember to do them. Today my brain spilled over and I started typing up every conceivable thing that needs to happen in, oh, the next four days. There were suddenly so many that I started categorizing them into church, household, piano lesson, and moving subsections. Guess which section is the biggest?

There are currently twenty-six items on my task bar, and some of them are huge, like "clean the house" and "do the laundry" and "choose a moving company." Some are little, like "mail Mother's Day cards." Today I have been tackling item after item. It's kind of sad that now, at the end of the day, the number is twenty-six. It was probably closer to thirty-five this morning, and I'm sure I'll add more things tomorrow.

But I just checked off a good one: "research summer sports options for the boys."

I have been dreaming about missing deadlines for swimming lessons and fall soccer and other such ridiculous things, so it was time to put my mind at ease! I was delighted to discover a community center convenient to our home searching area, and registration for summer swimming starts on Monday. Monday! After a quick call to the facility, I found out that I can register the boys without having an address yet, and there are some great options for swimming lessons starting in mid-June. Isn't that fantastic? I am awfully giddy about this. We'll all have something to look forward to.

Another cool thing is that yesterday Garry signed us up for a Colorado phone number. We use Vonage phone service, and it offers the ability to have local numbers in as many states as you'd like. So, for the next month we have both a Colorado number and an Oregon number. For all my local friends: don't be surprised if your Caller ID shows area code (719) on occasion. It's just me, preparing you for the inevitable.
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