Apr 15, 2008


My cousin Katie tagged me today, and since our mode of contact is online-only, I figured a response was in order. So here you have the contents of my purse:

1 wallet full of loose change and receipts I am too lazy to deal with
1 set of keys - house, van, mailbox, garage, plus the van remote
1 cell phone
1 tube Burt's Bees lip balm (a personal favorite)
1 shiny Idaho quarter
1 spacer for the glass overlay to our kitchen table
2 hair clippy thingies
1 $5-off coupon to Kohl's
1 recipe/grocery list (I still forgot to buy chocolate syrup)
2 payment checks for piano lessons
1 check book
1 camera lens cap
4 loose receipts, one with a wad of gum inside
2 pens
1 stamp card for Costa Vida

Pretty exciting, eh? To quote Katie, "You're just lucky this was my wee little red purse" and not the enormous diaper bag that normally functions as my purse.

I tag anyone would find this little exercise entertaining. Or anyone whose purse really needs to be cleaned out. I qualified on both fronts, and I suspect some of you might, too!
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