Apr 26, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Today was one of the days that I am super excited about being a mom to three boys. The whole family had a great time at Zachary's first baseball game, and I had visions of a few years from now when Zach, Tyler, and Gavin are all playing.

Let's be realistic, though. Baseball, particularly at the Pee Wee level, involves a lot of sitting on the bench.

Luckily Zach was smiling about it.

Zach mostly had outfield action, but during the second game he also got to play at third base. He hustled when the ball came his way and made two great throws to first.

Batting order is determined according to shirt number, which was chosen by player size. Not surprisingly, Zach's number is 13. He's the team's "clean-up hitter," which means he always bats last and always gets a home run. During his last at-bat, he connected on the first pitch and really earned the home run!

Zach also got to play catcher today and enjoyed that position.

Tyler sure had a lot of patience on his brother's big day. He amused himself by playing in the dirt.

He even wrote a message to Garry: "DAD WIL UOO BI ME U TRET TUDA" (read: Dad, will you buy me a treat today?). The entire message was a mirror image of regular writing - right to left and all letters backwards. Pretty interesting! "Tuda" is shown above.

This is our team, the Blue Sharks, cheering for the other team.

At the end of the second game, all of the players got medals. I was happy Zach got to join in the celebration because we'll miss the end-of-season festivities in June. He felt pretty special. Now on with the season!

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