Apr 21, 2008

Inspector Gadget

Doot-duh-doot-duh-doot, Inspector Gadget...
Doot-duh-doot-duh-doot, doot-doo, woo-hoo!

This cartoon theme song from my childhood has been in my head (you can thank me later for putting it into yours) since an inspector came to check out our house on Friday. Since that time we have been waiting anxiously for the report. I should say that I have been waiting anxiously. It's pretty funny that for all the patience I've had to muster these last three months, waiting the weekend for the inspection report just about sent me to the funny farm. That is probably because we are waiting to plan our house-hunting trip until haggling over house repairs is finished, and the trip scheduling is causing me a great deal of anxiety.

At least part of the wait is over now. We got the inspection report this morning.

We were mostly relieved; there weren't any big surprises. No water in the crawl space. No roof damage. No major repairs that need immediate attention. We didn't expect the inspector to find anything dramatic, and he didn't. I'm grateful. Some cosmetic things the buyers are asking us to do seem a little ridiculous (it's like they want to move into a brand-new house that just isn't brand-new), but we are willing to work with them.

I hope we can all reach an agreement today so Garry and I can get our booties over to Colorado and find out what, exactly, has drawn us to the area so strongly. I suppose it's a little naive of me to assume that we'll get that answer in a quick little jaunt, but I am rather anxious to set foot in the city, to scope out the new surroundings, and to walk through a few (dozen) houses, one of which we will soon call home.

On another note, since we cleaned out the coat closet to allow the inspector access to the crawl space, Zachary and Tyler have been using the closet as their "secret lab." Tyler first coined the phrase, ducking in there with night-vision goggles and a super hero figure. The boys have since had many meetings in the lab, always shrouded with secrecy and sinister plans (or so they say).

Their imaginations went into overdrive when Garry let them check out the crawl space themselves. Armed with flashlights, they were awed by the expanse of blackness and dirt. Tyler wants to use the crawl space as his personal playground, so we'll have to monitor the "lab" carefully - authorized personnel only!
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