Apr 26, 2008

The sweetest thing

Gavin is such a great baby! I am constantly amazed at how content and happy he is. I love hearing his high-pitched shrieks and giggles. When he gurgles and blows raspberries and gives me his famous two-dimpled grins, I can't help but laugh myself. He loves it when I nuzzle his neck, tickle his feet, or squeeze his chubby legs. Gavin just has a delightful personality.

He is growing up quickly, too. Almost on a daily basis I notice how his hand-to-mouth coordination is progressing. He is so interested in the world and reaches out to grab things. Some of his favorite things lately are my hair, Garry's glasses, and the computer keyboard. We have also introduced Gavin to the Johnny Jump-Up. (This is partially pictured above; he hangs from a doorway and can jump up and down or twirl on the floor.) He really hated it at first, but now he giggles when we put him in the seat. He has learned to bounce a little and can twist around and around. Mostly I think he enjoys being upright! Gavin also loves the baby swing right now. I may have to rescue our outdoor porch swing from the storage unit so he can enjoy it during our last month here.
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