Apr 2, 2008

Say a prayer for the postman

It's 8 a.m. and the first thing on my agenda today is taking a precious little envelope to the post office. It contains a [very late] registration form for tee-ball, and I hope and pray it arrives in the proper hands as soon as possible. As of yesterday there were three slots in all of Reedville Baseball that Zachary might be able to fill, and the filling is done on a first-come, first served basis. Zachary and I will both be devastated if he doesn't get to participate this season.

Tee-ball may be the first major casualty of our in-limbo status.

I've had the form filled out since January 3. I wrote the check on January 5 and addressed and stamped the envelope. And then we decided to move. I didn't think there was any way that we'd still be here for the bulk of baseball season (if at all), so I never mailed the form. Then, three weeks ago, when I realized we'd most likely spend the Spring in Oregon, I looked online to see if I was too late. Since then I have been trying to reach a human being associated with Reedville Baseball as per the instructions on the organization's website.

Yesterday afternoon I finally found out about the three slots and the mail-in-only option for submitting paperwork. At 11:00 last night I copied Zach's birth certificate at Kinko's, and this morning we'll run out to the post office. I can't stand waiting for my 3:00 mailman.

If this doesn't work out it will be all my fault, and I don't know if I can face my little boy. So please say a prayer for the postman today.
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