Apr 17, 2008

Excuses, please meet Inspiration

A little family of Excuses lives in my brain. These rebel forces sabotage me whenever I think about getting on the treadmill or passing on the ice cream. Their names are Lazy, Tired, and Depressed, but they have cousins like Overwhelmed, Hungry, Apathetic, Busy, Rebellious, Addicted, Habitual, and Ornery.

On the day before the first day of each month this year, I have pledged to banish the Excuses and get on with a new way of life. My most successful banishment lasted a whopping five days. Go me!

But apparently I'm not alone. Yesterday my fun-and-fabulous sister, Angie, introduced me to a little Inspiration. I'm going to pull a LaVar Burton on you and make you read her blog yourself. (It really is a motivational masterpiece; why reinvent the wheel?) I will say that I'm all about making a group effort toward a common goal, and that I'm looking forward to joining a cause that will be good for my life!

So, Excuses, your days are numbered. Game on!
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