Apr 26, 2008

This Little Piggy

On Thursday evening, the Tobias Elementary School kindergarten classes presented the "Three Piggy Opera." We attended as a family and were delighted to watch Zachary perform with his peers. He was part of the chorus. You can see him on the far left in the back row. If you enlarge the picture you might notice he doesn't look thrilled; his expression is probably a mix of stage fright and grumpiness. It took an ice cream bribe to get him on stage!

The opera follows the story of the three little pigs, their house-building adventures, and their interactions
with the big bad wolf.

Each time a new character was introduced, he or she sang a little solo, followed by a rousing repetition by the chorus of kindergarteners. There were always actions, of course.

Tyler was enthralled and literally sat as close
as he could to the stage.

Garry finally coaxed a smile out of this little piggy just as the performance was about to end. Zach was probably grinning at the thought of the ice cream cone waiting for him at home.

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