Apr 8, 2008

"I just wiggled it all day long!"

Zachary lost a tooth today. What a magical right of passage this is for a six-year-old!

This afternoon he burst out of the school doors, greeting me with a running hug and a wide-mouthed grin. Before I could figure out why I got such a warm welcome, Zachary jumped up and down, pointing to the new gap in his smile. How could I miss the message?

I tucked a plastic baggie in Zach's pocket this morning so he would be prepared when his dangling, skewampus tooth fell out at school. Zach said he wiggled the tooth with his tongue all day long and it finally came out after lunch while his class was rehearing its "Three Piggy Opera" in the cafeteria. The baggie came in handy; he zipped up his tooth and kept on rehearsing!

Now Zach is anxious to sleep on his pillow and discover a surprise from the Tooth Fairy in the morning. Hopefully she remembers to visit our house!
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