Apr 22, 2008

Tell me a story

Tyler: Will you tell me a made-up story?
Heidi: Sure. Just let me finish this email.

{Ten minutes later...}

Tyler: Moooooommmmm...tell me a made-up story!
Heidi: Hang on. Last email.

{Ten minutes later...}

Heidi: 'kay, climb up here. Let's see...what do you want the story to be about?
Tyler: An archaeologist finding hidden fossils.
Heidi: Oh. [Insert rambling, random story about Mark the archaeological adventurer.]
Tyler: Well, that wasn't very long.
Heidi: Hey, I thought it was pretty good!
Tyler: I think I'm going to go play now.

Tyler returns to the office a minute later with his backpack, which he starts unzipping as he searches for his pretend magnifying glass. I ask him what he's doing. "Being an archaeologist. That's why I have to find my magnifying glass." Duh.

Now he is lining up all his plastic dinosaurs; they will function as fossils this afternoon. He says the ones that are standing are the ones he plans to study. The prostrate creatures must be beneath his interest. I ask him what he's finding as he examines the triceratops. "White blood cells coming out of his body. They are just pretend white blood cells, but they are coming out of his frill and on his feet and on the sides of his body."

I think Tyler is the one who ought to be telling made-up stories -- he obviously has a few running through his head.
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