May 26, 2013

Graduating Gavin

It's pretty amazing to realize that Gavin has completed two years at Briargate Preschool.  Remember when I was at my wit's end (which time was that again?) and finally got the help we all needed?  Gavin's occupational therapy and admittance to this unique preschool was surely a miracle, and he has had such a great experience.  Gavin has made incredible progress.  Two years ago he couldn't "cross the midline" to make a T or an X.  Now he's sounding out words and writing them down.  We couldn't be happier.

I attended a couple of year-end events in Gavin's class this month.  He was charming and hilarious and so eager to show me his class work and Mother's Day surprise.  

(Surveys like this aren't very funny when all the answers are mostly accurate.)

And no preschool experience would be complete without Malcolm, his BFF.

Here are some of Gavin's fun school creations.

Ms. Donna was such a great teacher for Gavin this year.  She was kind but firm and loved Gavin to pieces.  She had a little catch in her throat as she talked to Gavin at the end of their last class together.  She told him to keep working hard, and that he would do great things when he grew up.

Gavin is a good boy, and we know that Ms. Donna's prediction is bound to come true.
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