May 12, 2013


Sometimes life just makes me laugh.

Gavin has taught himself to "whistle."  He purses his lips and blows some air, but not one bit of music comes out. Gavin is oblivious to this little detail, and asks us to listen to various whistling tunes.  I don't recognize any of them unless he tells me in advance.  Gavin has also declared that he has two favorite songs: "Jumbo Elephant" (a sweet song my grandma taught me when I was little) and "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.

Another funny: kids digging up a pair of Lexi's shoes in the back yard sand pit.  Tyler and a buddy unearthed them on Saturday.  They've been missing since last summer (the shoes, not the kids).  I wonder if the sand pit also swallowed Lexi's darling-but-AWOL cowgirl boots.

We found these foam pieces (road segments, if you can't tell) arranged in an interesting way on the shower wall. The artist: Tyler.

As you know, Zach joined the middle school band (so far just on paper).  He has to have a set of bells (not the kind you ring, as I have learned), and renting the bells kit for 10 months is 20 bucks less than buying a kit, so we bought one.  It was due to arrive on Friday, and when a big box appeared on our front porch (thank you, Mr. UPS), we carefully brought it inside.  Zach was all anticipation as he opened the box, until he saw that it was full of two giant boxes of size 4 Luvs diapers.  The bells came the next day.

The Littles talked me into making cupcakes with blue frosting.  They talk me into a lot of stuff.  Anyway, Kate got to lick the bowl for the first time.  I think she just wanted a bath.

Next we have an embarrassing moment for me.  Last night while I was vacuuming the basement and mentally moving on to my next task of making cupcake paper garlands for Lexi's birthday party, a friend sent me a text asking if I was coming to book club.  As I stood there, sweating in my grubby clothes and being annoyed with myself for not brushing my teeth since breakfast, I realized that I was 30 minutes late to the book club meeting where I was the discussion leader for a book I didn't finish because I thought it was boring. Oops!  So I high-tailed it over to Panera and spent the next two hours chatting with good friends.  We got kicked out 40 minutes after closing, and then I got kicked out of Target at 10:07.

At a court of honor the other night, I had my phone out to take pictures for the ward newsletter.  Lexi commandeered it and took no fewer than 17 shots of her beloved (and exceptionally ragged) dog, Betsy, who of course had to support the scouts.

During dinner one night we had a funny discussion.  One of Tyler's comments made me talk about myself as a child.  I shared some stories about playing dumb when I knew all the answers, mostly to get attention and be obnoxious.  Apparently Tyler could relate to this practice, and confessed that his friends refer to him as a human dictionary.  And then to me Gavin said, "I'm not pretending to be dumb like you."

Another night we sat around the dinner table and tried to make Kate demonstrate her ever-growing vocabulary.  Sometimes we know exactly what she's saying; others, not so much.  This night she kept exclaiming, "hodor!"  We didn't get it.  Gavin asked if I wrote that one down (I was taking notes).  I told him I didn't know what she was saying.  Exasperated, he said, "It means hitting your door with a hoe!"

Also, Kate likes mascara.

 Zach needs new socks.  That doesn't stop him from Ripstik-ing in the rain.

Lastly, I share a photo of a silly girl.  Our young women activity for the week was girls camp certification.  Our ward's youth camp leaders helped us start a fire (in a pit), cook with a Dutch oven, and tie knots, among other things.  Despite the date of MAY SEVENTH, it was cold and windy.  I had neglected my duty to tell the girls to wear warm clothes, so a few of my Beehives showed up in capris and sandals and were freezing.  This silly girl resorted to wearing a size 5T coat that was in a leader's car. 

Life's always good for a laugh, right?

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