May 26, 2013


A few minutes ago, Lexi, who was picnicking in the back yard with her siblings, came inside and said that someone was in our front yard.  I went through the front door to greet this someone.  The man, whose grandkids live in our culdesac, said he found Kate walking by herself on the street around the corner.  (For the locals, she was on Contrails Drive!)  She was just in a diaper--no shoes, no clothes--and pigtails as she ran along the street.  Since he recognized Kate, the grandpa slowed down and parked his car, then picked her up and brought her home.  The silly girl had no idea she was in danger, of course.  When Kate got home, she returned to her spot at the picnic table and started eating watermelon like nothing had happened.

It's official: we are parents of the year.
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