May 17, 2013

Design dilemma

My birthday gift was a red couch.  I've been longing for one for ages, and now the day has come!

Except that it hasn't. No couch yet.

We have donated our free-to-us-five-years-ago couch to the youth garage sale this Saturday (it's gonna be massive, so come support us!), so there's a big space in our living room where public seating used to exist.  

Funny how something like that gives me a push in the right direction.  I browsed a local furniture store the other day.  The girls and I roamed for about an hour.  They could not have been better behaved, so I took my time.  I also took a lot of pictures and fawned over many fabric samples.  I fawned so extensively that I have a problem: I maybe want a green couch.

So here's the room where the couch will live.  (Sidebar: Isn't my new clock amazing?)

Here is one of the couches I'm considering.  It is very similar in shape and size to the other couches we have owned. 

I would have it colored in this red fabric, with throw pillows in the fabric below.

Pretty simple, right?  Wrong.

Because there is THIS couch.  It's smaller and more tailored and is super comfortable for a short person like me (plus just comfortable in general).  Plus it's different.  So cute, right?

And wouldn't this side chair be amazing with it?

The problem is that this couch and this side chair do not come in a good red.  There's maroon, and there's pink-ish, but no red in the shade of my dreams.  Lame.  However, it DOES come in this awesome green, and I could have the side chair and the throw pillows in one of these darling (that word probably shouldn't apply to living room furniture) purple patterns.

I think I'm in love.

But now there's a new problem: the room is too green already for a green couch, and the valance won't match.  The simple solution, of course, is to buy a new valance and paint the wall under the chair rail purple.


So.  What should I do?  Assuming I don't want to do anymore shopping, and these are the only couches in the world available to me, what's the better option?  I should probably make a decision soon, because this is how our living room will look in the meantime:

At least for now I can blame the mess on having no couch.
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