May 12, 2013

if it ain't broke, don't fix it

On Thursday Kate had an accidental altercation with the van's trunk door.  The door won, of course, and Kate's left hand had a big owie. Because I'm not an alarmist, and because my schedule was crazy that day, and because Kate really needed a nap, and maybe because I'm a bad mother, I consciously put five hours between her injury and the doctor's office.  I'm a fan of the watch-and-wait approach, unless it comes to my own insane reactions to medications (pun intended) and I'm vomiting or passed out on the floor.


I opted for cheap[er] and asked my peds office to work me in instead of walking into Urgent Care down the hall. As we sat and waited, I pondered the irony of Kate possibly being the first Bartle child with a broken bone.  

Fortunately, she did not snatch the honor from her siblings.  She's not broken after all.  Just a little swollen and bruised.

Isn't she charming?

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