May 24, 2013

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I don't have any silver bells or cockle shells, (and there's that thing about my name not being Mary), but I am pretty ornery sometimes.  I attended a vegetable gardening class last night and, while the presenter was amazingly talented and passionate about her hobby, I kept mumbling snide remarks related to my utter inadequacy when it comes to growing anything from seed.  And I've never tried to plant anything we might eventually eat.  I'm pretty sure my refusal to try falls in the category of Not Spontaneous.

Buying and planting flowers definitely helps me be happy.  Buying this particular batch was a little hectic with my pretty little maids, but they (the flowers and the girls) are beautiful all the same.

I had to go back later to get a few more plants to fill in my garden bed.  The sunset was spectacular, and it made me glad to live in this beautiful world.

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