May 28, 2013

Fourth Grade: Check

Tyler finished up fourth grade with flair.

He applied to be on the school's news crew and was selected to be the anchor for their weekly broadcasts in the fall.

He earned a bunch of ribbons at Field Day (1st-4th place over six events).

He learned to play the simplified version of "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" on the piano.

He scored so high on math and reading tests in April that his teachers will have quite a job keeping him challenged next year.

He brought home tons of fun writing and art work, both from school and from weekly lessons near home.

He developed an English accent that is perfectly hilarious.  I want to capture some video of him using his accent.

I just love this boy and all of his amazing talents.  Tyler is one terrific kid, and we are so proud of what he accomplished during fourth grade.


Grandma said...

I love him too! The English accent is absolutely hilarious!

Colleen said...

Tyler sure is a bright kid with many talents! So happy for a successful year, and the anchor thing sounds so fun!

pass it on!

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