May 26, 2013


The last couple of months have been very FULL of young women activities at church. One was a huge camp fundraiser on May 18.  Over the course of several weeks, many people donated items for a community garage sale.  I only had a small part in preparing for the event and just that was exhausting.  I extend my kudos to the leaders who spent countless hours collecting and sorting and pricing items, advertising throughout the community, and setting up and executing the sale itself.

The night before the garage sale, many of our youth met at the church to sort and organize the donated items.  There was SO MUCH STUFF.  I mainly worked on sorting and folding clothing.  What a lot of work!  As I worked alongside the youth, several of them dressed up in the treasures we found.  Their antics were definitely funny.  We made some great memories.


We worked from about 4:00 to 10:30 p.m. on Friday night.  Just as we were leaving, the church's lawn sprinklers turned on and threatened to drench the items we had laid out on the grass.  It was hilarious to see the young men dive to cover the sprinklers and roll up the tarps on the ground.  Somehow my brand-new coat made it into the sale pile, so I had to return to the church around 11:00 to retrieve it.

The next morning we arrived early.  Shoppers showed up 30 minutes before the start time of 7:00!  The youth scattered to help where they were needed.  Some sold baked goods and cotton candy.  Others simply offered their muscles to haul the big items.  I was assigned to the cashier table.  I didn't like the haggling, but it was definitely fun to talk to everyone and to see what treasures they had found at the sale.  I picked up a few items myself: the  novel "Heidi," a few clothes for the kids, a suit for Zach (hopefully for this fall), and props for our senior night photo booth the following week.

In the end, the fundraising event was hugely successful.  The young men and young women earned what they needed for camp and then some.  I was glad to check one more thing off my list and move onto the next.  We are inching closer to July, when I might be able to take a breath.
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