Nov 24, 2012

A happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  It was mostly quiet and low-key, with sunshine and play time and friends and good food.  We missed our families but felt embraced by those we love here.

Food preparation (stuffing and mint brownies) happened Wednesday.

Zach and I ran the YMCA Turkey Trot 5K.
His time: 29:04
My time: 31:24
(four minutes faster than my August 5K)

Zach played basketball on his Ripstik.

Kate was so tired she couldn't stand up.

Garry took the Littles on a bike ride.

He also took them to the park and found two of our coats that had been missing for a few days.  I worked our Christmas card.

We ate our Thanksgiving feast with a bunch of friends at the church.  We had a perfectly lovely evening together.  Garry and I learned a fun new word game: Bananagrams.



My first thoughts on Thanksgiving morning were about the tremendous blessings in my life.  Below is my Facebook status for the day, but also an expression of the gratitude written on my heart.

I'm feeling thankful for the man snoring in bed beside me, the girl laying cross-wise on my pillow, the baby who woke me at 5:00 a.m., the towhead on the couch, and the two boys in bunk beds downstairs.  My house is full, my heart is full, and today I give thanks for my abundance.
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