Nov 3, 2012

Halloween in stages

Halloween is a holiday that seems to repeat itself for about a week.  The first celebration is always the most fun and exciting, but every iteration after that loses its least for me.  Here's how it all went down at our house.

{Many thanks to Garry's sister, Heidi, for making Kate's costume, and to Janae Daniels, who let us borrow, for Gavin and Lexi, the costumes she made for her kids last year.}

Stage One: Carving pumpkins (Sunday).  We only carved three, since Zach and Gavin would do theirs at school parties.  Zach researched cool designs.  Tyler designed and carved his own--solo.  Zach carved Lexi's. He did a great job!

Stage Two: Lexi's preschool party.  The Jessie costume was a huge hit, and this was the only time Lexi wore the costume in its entirety.  She and her classmates paraded around the neighborhood before enjoying Halloween games and snacks.

Stage Three: Ward Fall Festival (plus trick-or-trunking).  Garry's chili won the "most tasty" award for the night.  The kids dressed up as Princess Leia, Jessie, Woody, a vampire, a Morph Dude (?), and Garry was static cling.  Everyone had a blast.  It was warm enough to trunk-or-treat outside.  We only brought home one fish.  I was on the set-up and clean-up crew, thanks to my new Young Women assignment in the ward.  It's been a while!

Stage Four: Gavin's (and the other boys') school parties.  Gavin refused to wear his Woody costume, so he went as a baseball player.  The girls and I attended Gavin's party.  We carved his pumpkin (which was already hollowed out) in three minutes flat.  Zach broke the zipper on his morph suit at the ward party, so for school he dressed in black and purple and Garry spray painted his hair.

Stage Five: Trick-or-treating and lunch at Dad's new office.  We enjoyed yummy food.  The kids watched a movie on the big screen in the break room, then went from office to office collecting candy because they were cute.  It was fun to see where Garry works now.

Stage six: Halloween night.  We joined the Teeples family and many ward friends for an outdoor dinner and socializing around the fire pit.  The kids trick-or-treated in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Garry took the girls home early.  The kids went home happy, exhausted, and in possession of great hoards of candy, which I am determined not to eat.

I'm glad that all of the Halloween festivities only spanned two days (plus the pumpkin carving).  It was a super hectic two days, but now it's over.

Now on to Thanksgiving!
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