Nov 22, 2012

Mystery illness

Poor Kate has been sick...but we're not exactly sure what's bothering her.  For a couple of weeks now, she has been waking up a lot in the night.  She doesn't just cry; she screams. She arches her back and kicks her legs like she's in pain.  She refuses to be comforted. Eventually she relaxes and snuggles (usually with me, because she won't have anything to do with Garry during these episodes), but won't sleep in her bed.  Kate only slept through the night once or twice in two weeks, but without any other symptoms, I didn't take her to the doctor.  

That changed on Saturday.  She woke up from a late nap with a fever of 101 and a crazy rash on her legs.  The pictures below don't do it justice.  She had large patches, nearly from her hip to her knee, on the outside of each leg.  They were red and raised with a white border and were warm to the touch.  The sudden appearance of the rash was rather alarming, so I took her to urgent care.  After we waited two hours (with only three people ahead of us!), the doctor examined Kate and found nothing wrong with her.  He ruled out ears, throat, sinuses, lungs, and teeth.  Her fever was controlled with Tylenol.  He diagnosed Kate with the Parvo virus and a "non-specific rash."  He told us to ride it out.

Well, after Kate's Sunday morning nap, she woke up with the same red patches on her cheeks.  Her legs were clear, but she also had hives on her arms.  What on earth?!  Kate's fever was back, too.  I stayed home from church with her and administered Benadryl and called the pediatric advice line.  We decided to watch and wait.  By late afternoon she was well enough to make a big mess, so I didn't worry too much.

Yesterday I really thought Kate was better.  She was happy and active and took a good nap.  I even commented that it seemed the crisis had passed.  But last night Kate was hysterical again.  She slept poorly all night, a good chunk of it in my arms.  I'm at a loss...what is going on? 
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