Nov 17, 2012

Ten random thoughts

1.  Whenever it looks like all the dishes won't fit in the dishwasher, I think of when I was growing up and my dad would say, "Oh ye of little faith!" and rearrange the dishes until everything fit.  He must have disliked the hand wash pile as much as I do.

2.  I have never really loved dolls, but I can spend 30 minutes perusing the American Girl catalog when it shows up in my mailbox.  I cannot comprehend spending so much money on a doll and its accessories (children play with these things, after all!), but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with the jacket on page 8, the dress on page 27, and Kit's School Skirt Set on page 39. And, oh my gosh, the baby twins at the end...

3.  My current purse is much too large.  What I really mean is that I carry way too much of my children's junk in it because there's too much room.  So, once again, I'm looking for a purse.  A small one.  When I saw a super cute and functional one in the hands of a lady in the check-out line the other day, I should have asked her where she got it.  I was probably too busy with my children, if you can imagine that.

4.  Shopping for bras is my single most hated activity in the entire universe.  This is significant, considering how much I loathe pelvic exams, having my teeth cleaned, getting IVs, feeling stupid in public/in private/via text/anytime/ever, cleaning out the fridge, and taking care of pet fish.  Shopping for bras is demoralizing and horrifying and expensive and totally repulsive in every single way possible.  I have thought about writing a lengthy and detailed post about this, but I would rather that some of my more genteel readers not be offended by such talk, so these few lines will have to suffice.

5.  I think Gavin should be cast as "Mayhem" in that TV commercial about insurance.

6.  Last night I watched "Julie & Julia"--or at least the first half--and really liked it.  I think it would be awesome to write a blog and have a bazillion people read it and pay me for my wit so I could have cool people over to dinner.  Except that I really don't like cooking (how did this post become so full of things I don't like?), and I'm not that witty, and if I think too much about how many followers I have, I feel stupid in private, which is slightly less awful than bra shopping, but not much.  So never mind.  But I do want to finish that movie.  Does someone want to loan me a copy?

7.  My sister Holly got her LDS mission call to Birmingham, England.  She reports to the Missionary Training Center in England on February 14.  It was so fun to watch her open her call via Skype, and to see all my fun family sitting on my parents' couch in Mesa.  *sigh*

8.  I really need to eat dinner.  My stomach is growling.  But all I can think about is caramel popcorn.

9.  The Thanksgiving wreath my mom made me is so cute and coordinates so well with my living room decor that I might leave it up all year.  Thanks, Mom.

10. I think my kitchen island has a magnetic surface.  It attracts the most random items, owned by everyone in the house (including yours truly) who is too lazy to put things away for real.  A sampling of the items currently strewn about include two toothbrushes, a paint brush, three days of mail, two bottles of lotion, a sippy cup, hair spray, scissors, a gardening glove, a square of cork board, a stapler, first aid supplies, a boomerang, and the Creationary game.  I am noticing a theme here: random junk in my purse, random junk on my counter, and random junk in my brain.

I'm going to make that caramel popcorn now.
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