Nov 15, 2012

Granny to the rescue (again)

A few months ago, my parents and I made plans for my mom to fly out and spend some time with us.  We had a United Airlines voucher that expired in September and had no place to go.  So Granny cashed it in and booked a flight for November 9.  Little did we know back then that I'd be having kidney stone surgery on November 9!  The timing was pretty crazy, but once again, she came to our rescue and helped out a lot at home while I was recovering.

We did manage to do a few fun things while my mom was visiting.  On Saturday she and I sang in a multi-stake choir and heard Sheri Dew speak.  Then we enjoyed lunch with a few friends.  It was a fun way to spend a morning, but I was still pretty drugged and a little sore.  I'm glad we made it work, though!  I took a really long nap that afternoon.

On Monday my mom took me shopping.  We enjoyed a fun day together.  I normally hate the mall and clothes shopping, but she turned it into an adventure.  I felt a little bit of the real me start to poke through, and that was great.  On Tuesday she helped me and the other Young Women leaders set up for and execute Evening of Excellence for our girls. She also babysat while I managed routine, real-life stuff, like taking kids for hair cuts and dentist appointments.

The kids were happy to have Granny around to play games and hang out.  They were thrilled with the winter hats she brought them, and Don't Eat Pete (with peanut butter m&ms) might have been the highlight of the visit.  That silly little game is a great tradition with Granny.  She also treated the family to dinner Saturday and lunch Wednesday.  She spoiled us all!

It was hard to say goodbye on Wednesday afternoon.  It seemed that five days flew by!  I was halfway comatose for much of the visit (and only took two lame pictures), but I'm so grateful for all Granny did for us while she was here!  Hopefully her next trip to Colorado Springs won't have to be a rescue mission!

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