Nov 21, 2012

Cell phone stories

It's time for another installment of cell phone stories, in which I elaborate on random pictures taken with my cell phone camera.  You know the drill.

Zach had a school project that required making a Native American artifact of some kind. He couldn't use modern tools or materials.  He decided to make a wickiup.  With Garry's help, Zach did a great job binding bunches of pine needles with long grass and affixing them to a tent of sticks.  He filled a cookie sheet with dirt to form the base of the dwelling. I had to pick him up from school when he brought the project home (usually he rides his scooter), and during the drive home, the cookie sheet somehow spilled.  Lovely.

Gavin and Lexi both had Thanksgiving celebrations at preschool.  I was in bed with the flu that day and didn't get to attend either one, but Garry reported that Lexi's feast was fun. Gavin's class made "stone soup," apparently with real rocks.  Gavin contributed an onion to the pot.  He said the soup was yummy.  I liked both of the kids' hats.  They make a nice pair!

Last week Lexi decided to cut a banana with a steak knife.  She sliced her thumb, which bled a lot.  After I patched up her wounds, I noticed her curious outfit and had to take a couple of pictures.

This is what we look like at Target.  Not pictured: a mommy that was just minutes away from a parking lot meltdown.

The young women in our ward just had Evening of Excellence, an annual meeting that celebrates the girls' efforts in the Personal Progress program.  I was in charge of invitations and other printed items.  We had a fun theme, which was Personal Progress: A Pattern for Life.

I snapped this photo while on a morning run last Saturday.  I loved watching the sun rise. I can't believe I can run outdoors in mid-November!  These days I can run four or five miles pretty comfortably and have enjoyed the occasional early-morning run with my friend April.  She is patient with my slow pace and I love her company.

Gavin really loves his books.  It's so fun to hear him read.

And finally, we are gearing up for family pictures on Friday.  We have some stylish clothes for the boys and adults and darling hair accessories for the girls that should give us a fun look.  I hope.  Today I'll scope out possible locations.  This is a sneak peek of the color scheme...although, at his request, I did not buy Garry an argyle sweater.  Here's hoping for a successful photo shoot!  It's time to replace the photos from last year.  Kate and I have changed a lot!

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