Nov 6, 2012

Sunset book

The sunset (at 5:10 p.m.) as seen from our church parking lot.
Simply beautiful.
I love Colorado.


Last night when I took this picture,
I instantly thought of my very favorite bedtime story by Sandra Boynton.
Who else can recite it with me?

The sun has set not long ago,
Now everybody goes below to take a bath in one big tub,
with soap all over--scrub, scrub, scrub.
They hang their towels on the wall
and find pajamas big and small.
With some on top and some beneath,
they brush and brush and brush their teeth.
And when the moon is on the rise, they all go out to exercise!
And down once more, but not so fast,
They're on their way to bed at last.
The moon is high, the sea is deep.
They rock and rock and rock to sleep.

Mmmm....I'm ready for bed.  How about you?


Melanie said...

We LOVE that story! We had a version of it with a song before the end. I can still sing it!

Lars said...

Gorgeous! Love that book.

pass it on!

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