Nov 6, 2012

Content to be himself

This morning Gavin came upstairs, all dressed and ready for school.  I took one look at him and had to make choice: Do I fight this or just let it go?  I chose to let it go.  Sure, the shirt was too big and the shorts clashed and there was a hole in the toe of the shoe, and he's not supposed to wear hats to school.  But he was happy, and who am I to crush his spirit?

So he went to school looking like this:

After dropping him off, Garry called me.  "Is it really picture day today?"

I think I laughed for five minutes, because it is, indeed, picture day.  And of course the class shot will display the whole crazy outfit.

Did I mention that Gavin really needs a haircut and he currently has a black eye?

I think I MUST buy school pictures this year!!
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