Apr 13, 2012

Guest post

The other week I found out that a former babysitter of mine follows this blog.  Marie Scott is in my ward when she's not living/working/studying at BYU-Idaho.  She's an English major, and unbeknownst to me, she created a blog post about Gavin as an assignment for one of her classes.  I love it!  Without further ado, here are Marie's thoughts on my third child.

I am responding to the post titled Gavin, Gavin, Gavin that was posted on March 6, 2012. {Note from Heidi: read that post before you go on.  You'll laugh more.}

Sister Bartle!

I love you and miss you!  If you are reading this blog and you do not know Heidi personally, allow me to introduce you.  Oh, wait, she already has!  You should know that she is as sincere as she sounds and that she is a fantastic Mom.  I am LDS also, and Heidi is in my ward.  I have babysat for her a time or two, and there are times when I want to say "Gavin, Gavin, Gavin" just as much as she does.  I miss her children sometimes.  Children really do say the darndest things.  Her conversation with Gavin was so funny!  It reminds me of a poem that I read recently.  I am an English major and I read “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  Here are thirteen ways of looking at Gavin based on the day that Sister Bartle had:

Thirteen ways of looking at Gavin

1. He’s small
And also not very big
He has the most innocent blue eyes
They grow round when he gets

 2. “Mommy, I don’t need naps anymore!”
He protests
With the Cheerios from this
Morning still
On his

3.  He falls asleep
His carseat
Is his new
Best friend

4. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin
Mommy is tired
And eyes her
Gavin has

5. Can we go live
With Grandma, Mommy?
Can we?
Gavin’s eyes are big

6.  Mommy looks at him
Tickled to death
Oh Gavin, she says
We live
Right here

7.  Gavin’s eyes grow rounder
but why can’t we live
He does not understand

8.  This sweet, sweet
sweet angel boy
spills milk and chocolate
on the
Was a zacksident
He might say

9.  Gavin’s mother looks
at him
No matter what he
Does she can’t help
But smile

10.  Mommy drives Gavin
In a big car
But it doesn’t seem so big
To Gavin
He takes off his seatbelt and jumps
All around.
Mommy is worried

11. Still, Gavin makes her
no matter how many candy bars
steals from the
top of the fridge

12.  One might think
Gavin knew that poem
That some adults do
It suits him
So well
It goes a little something

13.  I have eaten the candy bar that was on
top of the ice box
and which you were probably saving
for later
forgive me
it was so sweet
and rich

Thanks, Marie.  You made my day!
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