Apr 28, 2012

Derby Day

The Pinewood Derby has come and gone again.  This is the only year that we'll have two Cubs in the Derby.  Pretty fun!

Zach and Tyler worked hard on their cars with Garry.  On race day, Zach had a pretty spiffy Wii remote, and Tyler had a flashy Rock It (from the Mario Kart video game).  Both cars needed a little extra weight at check-in, but then they were good to go.

This was MY first Pinewood Derby.  I'm glad we got to go as a family this year.  Gavin and Lexi were happy spectators (and donut eaters), and Kate eventually fell asleep in the stroller.  We all enjoyed watching the races.

Overall, Zach and Tyler were middle-of-the-pack racers.  Neither boy qualified for the stake's race-off this evening, but they each won a few heats and were mostly pleased with their performances.  Tyler was especially excited when his car beat Zach's.

Near the end of the Derby, everyone present sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  (The stake Primary president tipped off the cub master.)

Then the boys got awards and we all went home.

Zach has already asked if he can attend next year, even though he'll be too old to participate.  I'm sure the Pinewood Derby will be a family tradition for many years to come.
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