Apr 12, 2012

Cell phone stories

It's pretty handy to have a camera on my cell phone.  It helps to capture little moments in this family's crazy life.

On Tuesday my piano got a tune-up and a humidifier, thanks to my piano man, George. He laughed when I asked him if I could take a picture of him at work.

Spring in my yard makes me happy.

One day I had company at the mailbox.  That wagon was pulling almost 90 pounds of kid, if my math and weight estimates are correct.

I stopped to take a picture of this street sign, which was near Penrose Hospital, where I had a HIDA scan of my gallbladder, which turned out completely normal, which means I'm still searching for the cause of my incessant nausea.  But the sign is cool.

This is a series I will call "Lexi doesn't need a nap."

The boys like to jump on the trampoline as often as possible, but sometimes it's not warm enough.  Undeterred by cold weather, they just wear multiple pairs of socks at once....and then leave the sock wads in random places, like this little ledge above the stairs.  And of course they complain that they never have socks in their drawers.

The kids got sand shovels for Easter.  Their first project: burying Zach.

Garry took the Littles out for lunch one day while I had a doctor appointment.  I was impressed that he took them to Schlotzky's, where there is no play area!

And this one just makes me smile.

The end.
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