Apr 3, 2012

Oh, the irony!

It's a snow day here.  (Yes, we just finished spring break.  Don't get me started.)

This afternoon Zach and Tyler spent a little while painting their Pinewood Derby cars. The Derby isn't for three more weeks, so I was feeling good about the effort.  After a rough morning, this seemed like an activity that might turn the tide.  {Insert warm fuzzies.}

Then all the kids went downstairs to play video games.  I put Kate down for a nap, then retreated to the office where I spent some time breaking my brain over Gavin's district preschool application.  It kind of hurts my heart to detail his challenging side.  Despite ample evidence that life with Gavin is difficult, I'd still like to think of him warmly.  I emailed Garry a copy and we went back and forth about a few things, one of which was making sure the application didn't read like an affidavit about maternal neglect.  

Just as I was finishing up, Gavin and Lexi ran into the bathroom across the hall and started washing their hands.  My Naughtiness Radar went into Full Alert mode.  Why did those kids need to wash their hands after sitting in front of the television?

Well, it turns out they hadn't been sitting in front of the television.  They had been in the kitchen, painting their hands and bodies and clothes and the table and the floor and the wall with acrylic paint.

I guess I won't have trouble submitting that application after all.
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