Dec 8, 2010


Today Lexi visited the Otolaryngologist for a myringotomy tubes consultation. Translation: she saw a specialist to determine whether she is a good candidate for tubes in her ears.

As I suspected, she is. She meets the baseline criteria for tubes, which require eight ear infections in a calendar year or four in six months. Lexi has had seven ear infections this year: four between January and April and three in the last four weeks. Happily, today her ears are clear, which means the strong antibiotic is doing its job. Not so happily, she has a virus that has caused a runny nose and spots on her tonsils. Poor baby girl!

Lexi underwent a hearing test after the doctor examined her. She fell right in the normal range for her age group. Lexi's speech is so incredible that I would have been very surprised if the test revealed a hearing deficit.

At the end of the appointment, we decided that surgical tube placement needs to happen soon. I had hoped to leave the office with a surgery date, but will have to wait until Monday afternoon for that. Surgery will almost certainly happen before Christmas. It is a fairly basic procedure that shouldn't disrupt our lives too much, and will make a BIG difference for our little girl. I can't wait.

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