Dec 31, 2010

Snow on New Year's Eve

The snow that made the roads yucky on December 30 made our backyard a lot of fun on the 31st! I actually couldn't believe that the kids wanted to play in the snow; it was 4 degrees outside! But Zach and Tyler insisted, so we pulled out the storage bins full of snow gear, miraculously found the right sizes for everyone, and headed out back to play. (I should add a note that Zachary is wearing my size 7.5 snow boots until he gets his the very same size. Wow.)

Lexi had trouble navigating in the snow. Her puffy insulation seriously impeded her progress. She was kind of frustrated until we brought out the sleds (which Gavin adorably refers to as "sleighs"). Then she was thrilled!

I happened to catch this moment on camera. Hilarious!

The snow was a little powdery and wind-blown for this snowball-maker to work properly, but it promises to be tons of fun this winter.

Tyler and Zach lasted the longest outdoors, and went back for more fun today. Pretty fun!

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