Dec 13, 2010

A note to Comcast

Dear Comcast Team,

We have been enjoying your phone and internet services for a few weeks now. Your first bill arrived this week, which Garry promptly paid online. In doing so, he set up an online account. Today we received EIGHT letters in the mail, each of which informed us of the changes Garry made online. Each was a variation on this:

Dear Sir,

Your randomly generated PIN is: ****.

*insert seven paragraphs of security nonsense*

Best regards,

The Comcast Team


You, Comcast Team, are a marvel of inefficiency. Do you have a contract with the United States Postal Service? You paid for eight pieces of paper, eight envelopes, and eight postage stamps to tell us eight tiny pieces of information associated with our online account. My fat stack of mail was sadly lacking in Christmas cards but bulging with your superfluousness. Hmph.

Have you heard of email?

Best regards,

The lady with a paper cut
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