Dec 24, 2010

Sharing a tradition

Baking and decorating sugar cookies is a big holiday tradition in this house. The activity has morphed over the years, and I have relaxed about the outcome of the cookies. This year was the most laid-back yet, and we shared the fun with Annie and Gavin, our awesome new friends. We have spent a lot of time together lately, and with many hours to fill during our winter break from school, they have been a blessing in our lives!

Tyler and Annie baked most of the cookies together last Friday while I was out to lunch with a dear friend who is leaving on a mission with her husband next week. I froze the cookies that afternoon and thawed them in time for our decorating party Thursday afternoon. I whipped up {way too much} frosting, Annie supplied all kinds of sprinkles, and we let the kids have a free-for-all. It was delightful.


Big Gavin was the most meticulous of the bunch. Little Gavin was obsessed with sprinkles. Lexi just liked to shake sugar onto her tray, Tyler focused on two masterpiece cookies, and Zachary adopted the frost-and-eat, frost-and-eat method. Annie helped a lot and I took pictures.

We saved just enough cookies to leave on a plate for Santa Claus tonight. Yum!
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