Dec 16, 2010

19 months

Lexi spent most of the night in my bed. She really loves my pillow--or maybe it's my warm, squishy body that helps her sleep better. She has spent a fair number of nights in the last month all snuggled up next to me. I mostly don't mind, but when a brother or two crowds the bed as well, my patience wanes. When it's just Lexi, no big deal! She's tiny and mostly holds still.

When Lexi wakes up in the morning, I love to check out her bed head. Short boy hair has nothing on this girl's wild mop! Her hair is pretty thin so far, but it sure has a kick in the morning! The hair on top grows straight forward, and with two cowlicks in back, it's pretty unruly without securing it in a clip or band of some kind. I hope with age and maturity, Lexi's hair learns to behave a little bit. Otherwise, she'll be the girl with perpetual pigtails!

At nineteen months, Lexi is a lot of fun. She talks incessantly. She has recently added a few words to her large vocabulary:

Gavin = Damin (rhymes with Gavin)
Zachary = Zachawy
Cereal = seeyoh
Bouncy ball

I am quite concerned about Lexi's recurrent ear infections. She started antibiotics Tuesday for the fifth time since November 10. Last week she saw an ENT, who promised surgery for ear tubes before Christmas, but surgery won't actually happen until January 5. Hopefully Omnicef, Motrin, and numbing ear drops will help us survive the next three weeks.

Lexi is enjoying a weekly music class in the studio where Tyler takes his class. The teacher was desperate for more students in her toddler class and cut me a sweet deal for Gavin and Lexi to join. A friend goes with me to manage both kids, but it's a blast! Lexi fully participates in all of the singing, dancing, rhythm, and instrumental activities. She especially enjoys shaking jingle sticks, waving scarves, and singing the goodbye song. It is so lovely to have a creative outlet like this for the kids. I'm thrilled for the incremental success.

At home, Lexi and Gavin are pretty good buddies. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful for me, so I appreciate when the Littles can just
play while I work. They seem to enjoy dress-ups and blocks the most. Sometimes other things grab their attention. They watch TV a lot. But I smile when I notice the tender bond they share. Hearing Lexi refer to her buddy as "Damin" cracks me up. Gavin is thrilled to finally have his own moniker.

Betsy continues to be Lexi's companion of choice. I'm glad for a sweet stuffed friend that makes my baby's heart sing. Betsy has to be washed frequently since she is mostly white and gets grungy with surprising speed! I made Lexi a pillowcase with a ruffle today. It fits a small, travel-sized pillow and will work perfectly in her crib. She was completely thrilled with the addition and carried it around all afternoon. Lexi was being so cute with it that I had to take some pictures of her little loveys (and tamer hair, and sweet expressions).

As for her physical stats, I'm very familiar with Lexi's weight--somewhere between 20 and 21 pounds, depending on the day--because of her frequent doctor visits lately. She has twelve teeth, and wears clothes in size 18-months and size 5 shoes. She has crazy eczema (even on her toes!), which we are managing with a lovely lotion called VaniCream. Lexi's poor GI tract has had a rollercoaster ride during her five weeks on antibiotics, which is yet another reason we are anxious for her surgery to come!

Aside from those things, though, Lexi is a fun, adorable little girl. We're so glad she's in our family.
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