Dec 16, 2010

It is finished

During the last weekend in March of 2009, I purchased fabric to make curtains for my upstairs living area. I was so excited and couldn't wait to begin sewing.

On April 1, 2009, I was put on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy, and all notions of homemaking projects flew out the proverbial window.

For some reason, when I was three weeks post-partum and hosting company for Lexi's baby blessing, I thought it was a good idea to recruit my mom's help and make the curtains. Looking back, I think I met the definition for clinical insanity (why wasn't I sleeping?), but I did make the curtains. The problem was that I didn't make them very well. I blame all errors in measuring and cutting and grommeting on post-pregnancy brain, but those errors have been bothering me for 18 months.

On the first day of Thanksgiving break last month, I took down the big curtain over my sliding door and started unpicking the seams. One section was crooked, there was an extra grommet on one end, and the lining was covered in Gavin-sized chocolate pudding hand prints. So, stitch by un-picked stitch, I removed the top tab with the grommets, the lining, and the trim. I cut five inches off one side (including the superfluous grommet). I straightened the crooked seam and replaced the trim. I refinished the top tab and reattached it. I washed the stained lining, and then, when it shrunk in the wash, sewed an extra 3.5 inches on the bottom of the lining and put the whole thing back together.

Hanging the curtain again today gave me quite a thrill. It is finished!

And look, it's a fun plaything again. At least this time the Littles don't have chocolate on their hands.
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