Dec 7, 2010

Holiday status updates

Life has become a whirlwind. My normally quiet, schedule-less existence has vanished, presumably until January. My determination to avoid all errands (read: public humiliation) has dissolved because there is so much shopping to do. My normally mostly-tidy house looks like a tornado struck. It's all happy stuff, but I'm busier than usual, and I miss blogging! Until I have time for a proper Christmas post, I offer a few small status updates.

Below you see what Garry and I woke up to on Sunday morning. Gavin aspired to climb Mt. Dresser and it tipped over. He and Lexi were pinned under it for a time. There are no injuries to report, but most of the laundry you see on the floor remains right where it fell. It's been one of *those* weeks and I haven't gotten to all of the messes yet.

Our ear-infected children have taken a turn for the better. On Saturday night, both recovering kids slept through the night, which is a feat they haven't managed in weeks (or since). But the days are happier and their pain seems to have subsided. Lexi will visit an ENT tomorrow to discuss the surgical placement of tubes in her ears. The surgery could happen as early as next week. Zach has also returned to health, thank goodness, but Garry is battling a flu bug.

Christmas shopping is finally underway. Its commencement has not occurred so late in the season in many years -- possibly ever. I have my lists in my purse and in my head and in a handy dandy spreadsheet on the computer. I need to complete about 64 projects, many of which have this weekend as their deadline. I'm tired!

We are enjoying the darling advent my mother made for us. This, combined with a book we received from Garry's grandmother many years ago, creates a Christmas devotional that has (for now) replaced our morning Book of Mormon reading. We read from the Bible, discuss the birth of the Savior, and share a heart-warming Christmas story each day over breakfast. It is a lovely activity I hope will develop into a family tradition over the years.

When my kitchen is clean and a couple more projects are finished, I want to post pictures of our cheerful holiday decor, including our beautiful Christmas tree! Off I run....
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