Dec 13, 2010


On Saturday, I visited this holy place: The Denver Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Garry and I went with two friends from church. For one friend, this was her first time in the temple, and for the other, this was her second temple experience. We performed baptisms for the dead, which I hadn't done since I was a teenager. What a wonderful day! The Holy Ghost was almost palpable as we participated in sacred ordinances in behalf of those who died without hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that someday soon I can return to the temple with another group of adults. It was such a special experience.

During the week leading up to our temple trip, there were many times when visiting the temple seemed impossible. Kids' illnesses and other dramatic events made me think I just couldn't get away. I had the hardest time committing a babysitter and finally, on Friday night, sent out a mass email to find someone to watch my kids. Garry woke up sick on Saturday morning. The odds were stacked against us! But in the end, after a string of tender mercies from the Lord, everything worked out and we had a wonderful time in the temple.

That experience caused me to reflect on the many little miracles I have experienced in my life lately. Day-to-day life doesn't always seem like a miracle, but I am taking notice of the beautiful moments when I realize that my loving Heavenly Father knows my name.

Here are a few from the last week:
  • Gavin didn't shed a tear when I left him with a friend so I could take Lexi to her ENT consultation.
  • Lexi's pediatrician was in the office and answered the phone when I called with concerns.
  • Garry came home early when I really needed him on Thursday.
  • Two friends called Thursday and didn't need rides to the church anymore, freeing up my evening for something more important.
  • I sat by just the right person at a Relief Society dinner.
  • The Spirit directed a difficult conversation, leaving the participants uplifted and edified.
  • A ward friend responded immediately to my babysitting email and accompanied her daughter for part of the gig Saturday just to make me more comfortable.
  • Lexi had multiple bowel movements without medication Saturday (her antibiotics make her constipated).
  • Gavin didn't have a life-threatening reaction after drinking floor cleaner.
  • Gavin attended nursery by himself, happily, for the second time in 7.5 months.
  • The Spirit in Relief Society was powerful while I was teaching Sunday.
I am sure I am missing a few...or many! But I am so very grateful for my blessings, and it was time to count them.
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