Dec 8, 2010

Deck the Halls

On Saturday we bought a fantastic Christmas tree. This year Costco provided a beautiful Noble Fir (my favorite kind), which I paid for alongside Goldfish crackers, toilet paper, and toys. This is Christmas efficiency at its best! Since the tree was wrapped in twine, the nice man in the parking lot eased it into my van between the Littles' car seats. Later on, Zach and Tyler helped me set it up. It dried out for a couple of days, and on Monday night, we finally decorated.

Going into the decorating process, I was exhausted, cranky, and in no mood to be festive. We had a late dinner and I longed for bed time. But I put on my happy face, broke out the camera, and eventually reveled in the magic the kids felt. Their eyes sparkled as brightly as the Christmas lights.

We decorate in sentimental hodge-podge style. Each ornament is a memory and a gift. Our tree is fabulously eclectic and steeped in tradition. I love it.

Choosing an ornament to hang was almost as important as selecting the branch on which it hung.

The lower branches quickly became encumbered, but the big boys made sure the upper branches got their fair share of decoration, as well.

This was Lexi's first year decorating the tree. She loved all ornaments that resembled humans; she deemed them "beebees" and gave them a hug and a kiss before hanging them. It was sweet to watch her.

We posed in front of the tree to commemorate the occasion.

Other signs of Christmas at our house: stockings (hung by the chimney with care).

Nativities I have collected through the years.

A magnetized nativity advent calendar -- best holiday purchase ever!

Evidence of little hands at work.

Teacher gifts in progress.

And most of all....JOY in this merry season.

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