Dec 29, 2010

Mail call

Around 5:30 this evening, with dinner simmering on the stove, I put on a coat, grabbed my keys, and walked down the street to pick up the mail. It was nearly dark, but as I walked home, I thumbed through the large collection of envelopes, magazines, and shopping ads. One envelope, addressed to me, had a handwritten note on the front: "personal." Intrigued, I slid the envelope open with a finger in the fading light.

On the driveway the red and green Christmas lights on my house provided enough light to read the letter.

Dear Heidi:

On behalf of the Women's Conference Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to participate as a presenter in the BYU Women's Conference, to be held April 28 and 29, 2011.

That's when I stopped reading. I couldn't really think.

I threw open the front door, dropped the rest of the mail and raced downstairs, where Garry was sitting with his dad and the kids. There I flipped on the lights, interrupted conversations, and read the whole letter aloud. I was laughing as I read. Was this really happening? To me?

But apparently it is happening. I have exchanged emails with the friend on the Women's Conference committee who submitted my name for approval. I have formally accepted the invitation to present. I am humbled...and kind of excited!

How crazy is that?
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