Nov 14, 2010

Zach's room

Last year for his birthday, Zach received a shark poster and a shark clock. He LOVED both items, as he was obsessed with sharks at that time. We hung up the poster and the clock on the day of his birthday. Sadly, Gavin ripped the poster from the wall that very afternoon. It was tragic.

Even more tragic is the fact that it took us a whole year to buy a frame for the replacement poster. Zach opened that on his birthday this year, and, a month later, we finally hung it on the wall.

Zach's shark clock also died recently. I found a replacement at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. Zach and I planned to find shark pictures online to put in all of the frames, but when we stumbled on a website with all kinds of wildlife photos, we concocted a new plan. I really like how the clock turned out, and especially love the way the pictures complement the colors in Zach's bedroom.

It feels good to have these projects off my mental checklist. Zach is thrilled with the new decor!
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