Nov 30, 2010

The story of Gavin

On November 30, 2007, Gavin Drew joined our family. On that magical day, we had no idea what a firecracker he'd be! We love this little boy!

Gavin, our last Oregon baby, came two weeks ahead of his due date. I had been having signs of labor for weeks, and at a check-up the week he was born, the midwife said, "If your water breaks, call 911!" We lived half an hour from the hospital with no traffic, and with my history of speedy labors, we were all a little concerned about the time line. Garry was especially hoping we could avoid a roadside delivery.

As it turned out, Gavin was awfully considerate with his timing. He waited just long enough for us to finish a lot of things that week, like home and visiting teaching, final piano lessons (I had 11 students at the time), work obligations, photo orders (Garry had a photography business back then), dental appointments, a Smart Cookies field trip, and even laundry and housework! I was thrilled to attend a wonderful party in my honor on Thursday night, where I enjoyed the company of great friends, delicious food, and luxuries like a foot massage and a mini pedicure. I had only been home from the party for half an hour when true labor signs became apparent. I called ahead to the hospital, and then called a dear friend, who came and slept on my couch.

Garry and I arrived at the hospital at midnight, and I was admitted immediately. Labor began soon afterward, so I got a light epidural and the resident on call broke my water. Things didn't happen as quickly as expected (at least relative to our prior experience); another two hours passed before the contractions really meant business. The light epidural was absolutely perfect until the last 30 seconds of delivery, but the miracle of Gavin's arrival erased the pain and craziness almost instantly.

We were certainly surprised at Gavin's size when he arrived. He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 22 1/4 inches long at birth. (That outpaced his big brother's measurements by nearly a pound and two inches!) I was grateful he came at 38 weeks instead of 40! Gavin's shock of blonde hair, chubby cheeks, and dimples made him extra adorable. He wriggled into our hearts right away.

Three years later, Gavin is an energetic, talkative, curious, expressive, intense, fearless little boy. His enthusiasm for life is contagious!

This morning when he discovered the mini trampoline we bought for his birthday, he yelled (while bouncing), "FANK YOU for dis GREAT trampoline! FANK YOU, FANK YOU, FANK YOU!" Opening presents was the highlight of the morning, but of course he (and Lexi) enjoyed them all day.

The family celebrated with Diego birthday cake after dinner. Gavin has long anticipated the special occasion that warranted Diego paper plates. He was so excited!

Some fun things about Gavin at age three are:

  • Favorite clothing: his "green clothes" (worn today) and red rubber boots
  • Special friends: Stanley and Russell
  • Preferred TV shows: Little Einsteins; Go, Diego, Go!; The Backyardigans
  • Favorite movie: Toy Story 3
  • Favorite book: Anything silly and rhythmic by Dr. Seuss
  • Favorite Activities: Picking up "da guys" from school; riding in the car; attending Tyler's music class; welcoming Daddy home; reading scriptures with the family
  • Pet peeves: Mom on the phone or out of the room; twisted socks; the nursery class at church
  • Skills: Climbing, jumping, unlocking, balancing, finger dexterity, verbal communication, compassion
I conducted a birthday interview with Gavin this afternoon. It's a pretty entertaining four-minute video!

I love this boy....even though surviving his first three years of life feels like a significant triumph!
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