Nov 21, 2010

Wholesome recreational activities

I took a nap yesterday afternoon, all snuggled in my bed. What started out as a delightful escape into this fantastic book ended up in peaceful slumber. I really needed the sleep! It was a glorious nap, albeit too short. Lexi's post-nap cries summoned me from bed.

In a fog, I stumbled to her bedroom. I couldn't figure out why someone else hadn't rescued her. That's when I heard the chants from the back yard.

"Go, Tyler, go! Go, Tyler, go!"

Lexi and I rubbed our eyes and went out to investigate.

We found Garry, Zach, Tyler, Gavin, and the neighbor boy running relays in the back yard. Two jump ropes were spread at either end of the grass, and the boys took turns doing timed races of various kinds. They ran forward and backwards, walked like gorillas (hands on their ankles) and crabs (hands and feet on the ground, bellies up), hopped, skipped, and rolled. Those who weren't racing were cheering on the active participant. I later learned that the whole neighborhood could hear the melee. Garry stood on the sidelines, timing the kids.

The "gorilla walk."

Running forward...and backward.

Rolling across the yard.

Observing the fun...and cheering from the sidelines.

It turns out that Garry was helping Zach fulfill a requirement for his Bear rank in the Cub Scouting program. With Garry's encouragement, Zach is all fired up about scouting, which is perfectly timed as we head into a week without school. Today they are working on requirements for the Religious Knot and special Centennial ribbons. It warms my heart to see Zach and Garry working together on worthy goals and engaging the entire family in wholesome recreational activities.
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