Nov 14, 2010

Happy Saturday

Yesterday I caught myself several times feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I was just glowing with love for my sweet family. Everyone was mostly happy, getting along, helping each other. I took the opportunity to bask in the glow of happy family life. Ah.......

The day's events weren't too remarkable. The kids got up early. I started laundry before 7:00. Everyone helped clean the house. Garry attended the church's worldwide training meeting. While he was gone, I took the kids to Kohl's, where we bought jeans for the boys and a coat for Zachary. We ate lunch together. The babies napped. I worked on a Christmas project, Garry picked up some groceries, and the boys played video games.

Then came the activity everyone cited as the "best part of the day" during dinner: watching "Toy Story 3" together. We spread out a blanket and enjoyed popcorn and candy. We cuddled in blankets. Most of all, we laughed! I LOVED the movie, and I LOVED spending that fun time with the kids.

Afterward, we hung out downstairs together for a couple of hours. The kids played and played. Garry and the Littles worked puzzles and played with their toys.

Zach and Tyler played "catch" with a paper airplane and a laundry basket. It was hilarious! Success was not consistent, but the attempts were quite entertaining.

Gavin and Lexi favored us with some music. Lexi was dancing in her cute. That girl loves to groove! And I always get a kick out of seeing those two sitting side-by-side, cooperating in an activity. It's pretty rare!

We all went to bed happy last night.
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