Nov 17, 2010

This is how we do it.

Anyone who has read this blog or knows my family at all can understand why I don't enjoy shopping. It mostly drives me crazy. If my kids tag along, there's an element of chaos and stress that drains any amusement that a "quick errand" might provide. And if I'm alone, I just wish I was home.

So now that we have entered birthday and holiday season, where lots of shopping must be done, I have pulled out my secret weapon: Oh, Amazon, how I love thee and thy free two-day shipping! And so does my mother, who bought Christmas presents for my kids and birthday presents for Gavin
this week. Mr. UPS and Ms. FedEx have been busy since Saturday.

The only problem? I need a permanent sign on my doorbell: "If you ring the bell, I will break your finger." (Or something more gentle but equally effective.)

Tonight these presents will be wrapped and tucked away. Then I will make a sizable donation to the cardboard recycling center!
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